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  • Saddle Sores and How BiSaddle Can Help

    Discover how BiSaddle’s adjustable design and unique features can alleviate saddle sore issues and improve your cycling experience.
  • Why An Adjustable Bike Seat is Game-Changer for Serious Cyclists

    Discover how an adjustable bike seat can transform your cycling experience. Visit our website to take our Saddle Selector quiz to find your perfect fit.
  • A Guide to The Ironman

    Gearing up for the Ironman is no easy endeavor. The 140.6-mile triathlon is meant to challenge even the most experienced athletes, including yourse...
  • BiSaddle and Team ZOOT

    BiSaddle Becomes The Official Saddle Sponsor ofTeam ZOOT BiSaddle is pleased to announce their new sponsorship of Team ZOOT. Thissponsorship ...
  • BiSaddle Summer 2022 Athlete Update

    BISADDLE ATHLETES There have been some notable and amazing feats accomplished this season by many the athletes who ride BiSaddle Maarten ...
  • James MacDonald

    James MacDonald. 100km Velodrome. Breaks World Record? James set out to break the world record for the fastest 100km indoor cycling ride. ...
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Tour de France

    What is Le Tour de France? Even if you've never ridden a bike, you've likely heard of the Tour de France, and with good reason. Tour de Fran...
  • Christina Ekonomi

    Location: California, USA Cycling Discipline: Triathlon Saddle: SRT Why christina Rides BiSaddle More Athletes More and more athl...
  • BiSaddle Review: The Only Adjustable Shape Bike Saddle to Fit You

    This week we have an epic review from Sophie who has been completing the BiSaddle review: The only adjustable shape bike saddle. It has been a grueling test with an epic product that really breaks new ground in bike saddles. Hear how Sophie got on with the review, essential reading for all female and male cyclists.
  • Physical and Mental Benefits of Mountain Biking

    From reducing depression, to helping you feel amazing, mountain biking has a wide variety of healthy benefits. Plus, its a blast!
  • One of the worlds most bike friendly cities

    Back in 1974 Bogotá, Columbia started a movement that has spread around the world. To this day, biking is a popular choice among all columbians.
  • James Lawrence (Iron Cowboy)

    Location: Utah, USA Cycling Discipline: Triathlon Saddle: SRT Known For: World Record Holder - 101 Full Distance Triathlons in 101 consecu...