Black and white image of athlete James Lawrence the Iron Cowboy

James Lawrence (Iron Cowboy)

James Lawrence the Iron Cowboy
Location: Utah, USA

Cycling Discipline: Triathlon

Saddle: Bonneville Distance (SRT 2.0)

Known For: World Record Holder - 101 Full Distance Triathlons in 101 consecutive days.

CONQUER 100 "The Iron Cowboy"

James Lawrence "The Iron Cowboy" is the world record holder for completing 50 full distance triathlons in 50 consecutive days in 50 different states and the NEW world record holder (2021) for completing 101 full distance triathlons in 101 consecutive days. With that much cycling James was bound to feel every painful saddle rub, bump and pressure point. Before BiSaddle, James would go numb within 30 seconds of riding in aero. For the Conquer 100 James rode the SRT 2.0 all 101 days.


With BiSaddle, James has been able to adjust its' shape to alleviate hotspots, adductor rubbing and numbness when riding in aero. BiSaddle has become the most comfortable saddle James has ever ridden.

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