BiSaddle and Team ZOOT

BiSaddle and Team ZOOT

BiSaddle Becomes The Official Saddle Sponsor of Team ZOOT

BiSaddle is pleased to announce their new sponsorship of Team ZOOT. Thissponsorship will give ZOOT athletes the opportunity to discover custom fit comfort withan adjustable shape performance saddle.

(PRWEB) July 1, 2022 - Every “body” is different. We don't expect a size XS bib to fit asize XL cyclist, right? So why do we expect the saddle that comes with our bike to be aone-size-fits-all? The problem is, our specific anatomy and pelvis shape can besomewhat of a mystery. So how do we know which saddle is going to be, as Goldilockssays, "Just right?" Sure, you could purchase 10 different saddles and spend countlesshours riding and trying to get comfy. OR you could try a BiSaddle.

BiSaddle is an adjustable-width, custom fit, performance bike saddle. No morenumbness, saddle sores, chafing, or constant shifting to get comfortable.

Jon Petty, BiSaddle owner and avid triathlete, says, “This partnership with ZOOT bringstogether two of the most important elements of endurance cycling comfort. A custom fitsaddle, paired with a ZOOT chamois, is the perfect recipe for achieving the cyclingfortitude needed to become your best self.”

Being comfortable on your bike means you can ride further faster and forget you’re evensitting on a saddle.

About BiSaddle

BiSaddle is based in St. George, UT and owned by Jon Petty. Jon is an avid triathleteand all-around cyclist. Jon's journey to find the perfect saddle began several years ago.Because Jon was often cycling long distances in aero, it was difficult to find acomfortable saddle. Jon purchased over 20 of the top saddles in the world. The problemwas, these top saddles were all a fixed shape, meaning they really only fit a handful ofcyclists, while everyone else is supposed to get used to the pain. We all have uniquelyshaped bodies. Some have longer legs and shorter torsos, others have straight or


angled sit bones, and some of us even have asymmetrical anatomy or possibly aninjury.

After years of discomfort, Jon realized he needed a custom fit if he was going to be ableto compete as a triathlete. This is when the adjustable shape of BiSaddle was born.After years of development, countless reiterations, and rigorous testing from hundredsof athletes, fitters, and coaches, BiSaddle was released to the public. So far, BiSaddlehas been a great success at helping cyclists finally fit their saddle to their body, insteadof trying to fit their body to their saddle.

For further information contact:

Jeremiah Terry (JT)
1076 East Commerce Dr #400St. George, UT

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