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  • Triathlon Coach Testimonial

    Over the past 15 plus years of me being a cyclist/triathlete, I have tested and used many...
  • I Have A Museum Of Bike Seats. Now, I Just Have BiSaddle!

    I’ve been paddling pelvic floor issues related to biking for 15+ years. By my early twenties I was an avid triathlete and mountain biker, but was finding that the miles were leading to numbness and pain. Eventually it got to the point two years ago where I gave up my favorite hobby and mental release…
  • I Race XC MTB, And My BiSaddle Doesn’t Hurt… At All.

    My BiSaddle doesn't all. Plain and simple. I used to be in paid at about the 30 mile mark while mountain biking with other saddles. Anything over 30 miles would progressively get more painful as I added miles. I race XC MTB...

  • First Seat That I Could Still Tolerate After 30 Miles

    Adjustment is the key to comfort and fit on your saddle. It took me a while, and I finally settled on a narrower angle, but I’m very pleased with the comfort. I used a “BiSaddle” seat through all seven days of Cycle Oregon. It is the first seat that I’ve found that I could tolerate […]

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  • A Significant Upgrade

    Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of saddles: razor-thin racing seats, huge squishy cruiser...
  • Changed My Trip To Europe!

    I just took my DaVinci to Spain and France for a two week bike trip, and I wanted to let you know that the saddle is now adjusted properly and was a pleasure to ride everyday!
  • Saved My Ass

    Installed my BiSaddle in April, and now I know that I can’t go back. It makes me wonder why the common bike seat evolved in the direction it did. I think I accomplished about 95% of the adjustment in three increments in the first 100 miles. Now I only feel the need to change it […]

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  • Bike Saddles And Female Anatomy

    Chafing, posterior pain, vulva or soft tissue pressure and genital discomfort – yes, they happen to female cyclists too. Learn what to do to prevent these common problems.
  • Article from Massage Therapy Journal®

    Cycling And Your Health
  • Over 5000 Miles With The Bisaddle

    I have a question and a testimonial for you. I am a committed cyclist and ride both day-long...