Athlete James MacDonald

James MacDonald

James MacDonald, a biking world record holder

Who is James Macdonald

James MacDonald is an ultra cyclist that participates in long distance events. He currently holds the world bike speed record for JOGLEJOG, going from John O'Groats (Northernmost tip of the UK) to Land's End (Southernmost point of the UK) and back. He accomplished this in 5 days, 18 hours, and 3 minutes, traveling 2,711 km (1584.5 mi.) in the process.

Why does James ride Bisaddle?

"Having tested lots of saddles over the last few years I finally seem to have found a saddle that I can open up to enable me to ride in the aero position for a long time without it being too wide that it rubs. Traditional saddles expect you to be upright, TT saddle cater for a couple of hours comfort at best but ​@bisaddle​ can be adjusted to fit the rider. Width and even angle across the saddle can be adjusted! The saddles even come with fitting instructions which of course I will read after fitting them. I've kindly been sent two of the models with the carbon shell from ​Bisaddle​ and they are very good

quality. Looking forward to testing them out and looking forward to riding long distances with no pain."

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