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Our Purpose
Never be distracted with saddle pain again so you can enjoy the ride, focus on your training, race at your highest level, take in the scenery, and have fun with your friends.
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Our Story

Several years ago our founder Jon began his journey to find the perfect saddle.

The Problem

Jon purchased over 20 of the top saddles available on the market; none of them worked for his body type and riding style without causing pain.

The Birth of BiSaddle

After years of discomfort, Jon realized he needed a custom fit if he was going to be able to compete as an AG Triathlete. After years of development, countless reiterations, and relentless testing from 100's of athletes, BiSaddle was born.

Bisaddle Solution

BiSaddle has had great success in helping thousands of cyclists realize they can enjoy their tough and long rides in comfort. BiSaddle fits you, not the other way around.


How can become part of the BiSaddle community?

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How are saddles tested?

We do our best to listen to customer feedback, athlete feedback, and our own experience competing in triathlons, gravel racing and MTB cross country competitions. Of course we ride the saddles ourselves for many 1,000's of miles, but we also do crazy things like smash them with sledge hammers and run them over with cars to see what happens with extreme force. 

Are BiSaddles made in the USA?

Yes we manufacture out of St. George, Utah, USA. Part of the saddle is outsourced like the vegan leather fabric.

How long has the company been around?

Since 2015

Talk to Athletes & Real Customers

We have a private and exclusive Facebook group to bring the community closer together by sharing tips and inspiration.