About BiSaddle

BiSaddle is a US based family company, owned by Jon Petty. Jon is an avid Triathlete and all around cyclist. Several years ago Jon's journey to find the perfect saddle began. Because Jon was often cycling long distances in aero, it was very difficult to find a comfortable saddle. Jon purchased over 20 of the top saddles in the world. Problem was these top saddles were all a fixed shape. Meaning they really only fit a handful of cyclists while everyone else is supposed to just get used to the pain. We all have a different shaped body and are all unique. Some have longer legs and shorter torso's, others have straight or angled sit bones, and some of us even have asymmetrical anatomy or possibly an injury.

After years of discomfort, Jon realized he needed a custom fit if he was going to be able to compete as an AG Triathlete. This is when the adjustable shape BiSaddle was born. After years of development, countless reiterations of BiSaddle, and testing from 100's of athletes including the world record holder "Iron Cowboy, James Lawrence." BiSaddle was released to the public. So far BiSaddle has been a great success at helping thousands of cyclists finally fit their saddle to their body instead of trying to fit their body to their saddle. 

Jon continues to compete in IronMan half and full distance races and is still working tirelessly to make BiSaddle the last saddle any cyclist will ever need to buy.

Jon Petty, BiSaddle owner

BiSaddle is based in St. George, UT. Home to the World and North American IronMan Championship Races, an amazing trail system for road cyclists and some of the greatest mountain biking in the world including the yearly Red Bull Rampage. Our hope is to someday meet you in person at an event, on the trail or at our business. Until then, Ride Further, Faster and Have a Whole Lot of Fun! -Team BiSaddle

How BiSaddle is Made

FAQ About BiSaddle the Company

What's the meaning of BiSaddle?

Two fully independent and adjustable saddle halves. Meaning each side can be independently adjustable from the other.

What differentiates BiSaddle from other saddles? What is the biggest benefit?

Biggest benefit is that the shape of BiSaddle can be changed to custom fit a cyclists body shape and riding style.

What makes BiSaddle so comfortable? 

Shoes, bikes and saddles that are properly fit to a person's anatomy will always be more comfortable than trying to force our body to fit our bike. We call it A.C.T. Adjustable Comfort Technology.

What is BiSaddle’s bestselling product and what is the latest product launch?

Our most recent product launch is the SRT 2.0. The 2.0 Bonneville is the next evolution of our most popular saddle (The SRT 1.0) 

How do you choose which BiSaddle is best for your type of cycling and personal anatomy?

Saddle choice normally depends on the discomfort someone is experiencing combined with the type of cycling they want to perform. 

Upright cycling = EXT Stealth or Sprint 

Aero or Time Trial = Stealth or SRT 2.0

MTB = SRT 1.0

Saddle Sores = All models

Inner thigh rub = SRT 2.0 or Sprint

Numbness = SRT 2.0 with cutout or Stealth

Sit Bone Pain = SRT 2.0

How many team members does BiSaddle have; how many of them work on the development of BiSaddle products?

We have 2 engineers, 2 mold makers, 2 R&D, 30+ athletes who help with testing, 5 machine operators, 3 assembly operators and a few others in marketing, customer service and accounting. 

Where does BiSaddle get inspiration from?

Inspiration seems to come from ongoing feedback from customers and athletes. Our current project has been developing a custom saddle for James Lawrence to complete his conquer 100. It took over 20 iterations and designs to finally develop what we believe will be our most amazing and comfortable saddle ever. 

As we continue to receive feedback we believe some of our older models will eventually be phased out and totally replaced by new BiSaddle innovation.

Is everything hand-made?

Everything is hand assembled, however machines are used to inject the plastic and foam, and stamp the custom washers.

Are BiSaddle’s 100% made in the US? 

We already own a custom manufacturing company and provide manufacturing services for other companies as well as for our own products. Because we already had the ability to manufacture and because we want complete quality control, we decided to make our own saddles. Part of the saddle is outsourced like the vegan leather fabric. 

Does BiSaddle design every saddle themselves? How long is the creative part (sketches, construction)? What are the steps from the idea to the final product?

We do our best to listen to customer feedback, athlete feedback, and our own experience competing in triathlons, gravel racing and MTB cross country competitions. With that feedback we first create 3D CAD drawings, then print the designs with specialty foam lattice printers and ride the saddles. We normally go through 10 to 20 different 3D prints to finalize a new saddle design. Once the design is finalized we engineer aluminum and steel molds to make the plastic and foam parts. A custom graphic is designed and embossed onto the vegan leather, the shape is then cut and prepared to be glued and attached to the plastic and foam base. All the manufactured parts including the rails are trimmed and inspected by quality control, then assembled into a finished saddle and placed into their box.

How long is the production cycle from the mold to a final saddle?

It can range from 6 months to 1 year. 

How does BiSaddle test their final products and materials?

Of course we ride the saddles ourselves for many 1,000's of miles, but we also do crazy things like smash them with sledge hammers and run them over with cars to see what happens with extreme force. 

Does BiSaddle work on new products? Is there anything planned you can feel excited about it in the future?

Yes, our new saddle which we custom made for James Lawrence should be released soon. 

What are the differences between the frames? 

The carbon frame is more rigid than the chrome moly or titanium rail flex frame base.

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