Athlete Christine Warren sitting in a chair with a bike to her side

Christine Massey

Location: Texas, USA

Cycling Discipline: Triathlon

Saddle: SRT

Known For: 2019 Ironman All-World Athlete, 2019 USAT All-American

Why Christine Rides BiSaddle?

"Christine Massey is a triathlete living and training in Dallas, TX. After breaking her ankles 10 months apart in 2016, she resolved to “get fit” and soon after found and fell in love with triathlon. Her first triathlon was in September 2017, and she has never looked back." The BiSaddle SRT is the first saddle she has found that leaves her without pain or sores. Hear it from Christine herself below:

More Athletes

More and more athletes are making the switch over to the BiSaddle. With the ability to customize sitting positions, this saddle can make the difference between an enjoyable ride and uncomfortable one. Feel free to click above on the athletes tab for more.

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