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  • BiSaddle and Team ZOOT

    BiSaddle Becomes The Official Saddle Sponsor ofTeam ZOOT BiSaddle is pleased to announce their new sponsorship of Team ZOOT. Thissponsorship ...
  • BiSaddle Summer 2022 Athlete Update

    BISADDLE ATHLETES There have been some notable and amazing feats accomplished this season by many the athletes who ride BiSaddle Maarten ...
  • James MacDonald

    James MacDonald. 100km Velodrome. Breaks World Record? James set out to break the world record for the fastest 100km indoor cycling ride. ...
  • BiSaddle Review: The Only Adjustable Shape Bike Saddle to Fit You

    This week we have an epic review from Sophie who has been completing the BiSaddle review: The only adjustable shape bike saddle. It has been a grueling test with an epic product that really breaks new ground in bike saddles. Hear how Sophie got on with the review, essential reading for all female and male cyclists.
  • Physical and Mental Benefits of Mountain Biking

    From reducing depression, to helping you feel amazing, mountain biking has a wide variety of healthy benefits. Plus, its a blast!
  • One of the worlds most bike friendly cities

    Back in 1974 Bogotá, Columbia started a movement that has spread around the world. To this day, biking is a popular choice among all columbians.
  • Cycling and Bedroom Problems

    What Could be Better than Viagra? Ask Matt Forsyth. MD, what piece of gear on a bicycle can..
  • What is a Triathlon, how long is it, and how to get started

    You've likely heard about triathlons before, but how much do you really know?
  • Conquer 100 - The Iron Cowboy Super Triathlon Event

    *James Lawrence or "The Iron Cowboy" will be attempting to complete 100 full Triathlons in 100 days. The counter above shows how many miles he has already traveled, and how many days until completion. Check back on this page for daily updates about the event.
  • Road Bike Rider Review

    BiSaddle Adjustable Shape Bike Saddle Review   By Rick Schultz Rating: HOT 2 Saddle Options SRT – 198mm long (Tri, Track) EXT – 243mm...
  • Healthy Eating with Limited Resources

    which fad diet is best? It’s no secret that nutrition is a hot topic these days. So many fad diets are buzzing around the internet – keto, pale...
  • Pain Cave

    Pain Cave- Must Haves, Tips, And Tricks Setup For Indoor Cycling  Smart trainer Rocker board – sits ...