Shoes, water bottle, and weights

Pain Cave

Pain Cave- Must Haves, Tips, And Tricks

Setup For Indoor Cycling 

  • Smart trainer

  • Rocker board – sits under your bike and trainer to mimic a more road-like ride

  • Computer stand – holds computer/tablet while using virtual riding apps

  • Side table – holds hydration, snacks, pen and paper, and anything else you may need so you don’t haveto interrupt your ride

  • Fan – gives you a breeze as if you were riding outside!

  • Virtual riding (Zwift, Rouvy, BKool, etc) – allows you to connect with other cyclists and gives you a virtual world to ride in; can help alleviate boredom

  • TV and Bluetooth speaker – use sparingly but can come in very handy for a little entertainment on longrides or to pump you up during hard training sets

  • Mirror – helps to check form

  • Extra clean towels – because it gets a little messy from time to time

Strength Training Equipment

Bosu Ball, Physio Ball, Medicine Ball, Dumbbell Set, Resistance Bands, Foam Roller, Weight Bench

Typical 7 Day Pain Cave Training Plan


1.5 hour aerobic ride on bike trainer using Zwift 

Stretching plus ½ hour stretch cord workout 



2 hour bike trainer workout - warm up, intervals, cool down.

Strength exercises – hip, hamstring, glute  

Monster walk 

Suitcase bosu squats 

3x8 curtsey lunges 

2x10 one-leg RDL with weight 

2x10 bosu ball hamstring curls 

3x10 adductor pull-ins 

3x8 one-leg wall sits 

3x30 sec each dead bug with weight box (or weight bench)

Plyo jumps 3x8 



Stretching warm up plus 45 min stretch cord workout

Evening run 



2 hour bike trainer workout – warm up, intervals, cool down

Strength exercises – upper body and core focus

Chest press

Chest flys

Lat pullover with dumbbell

Burpees on bosu with overhead lift

Roll outs on physio ball

Russian twists

Bicycle crunches

Side and front plank with leg lift 



Stretching plus 45 min stretch cord workout 



Long aerobic ride with good mix of hills on Zwift (4-5 hours) 

Short brick run



Long aerobic run (1-2 hours) 


Foam rolling

15-30 min core exercises

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