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Wedge Kit 2

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Custom Fit with the BiSaddle Wedge Kit

Only compatible with new updated frame (see pictures)

The wedges are designed to be installed between the base of the saddle and the two saddle surface pads to change the shape across the saddle top. Making it either more flat, or more rounded.

There are no absolute rules that dictate who should use wedges. In general people with good flexibility and forward hip rotation tend to prefer a flatter saddle. People who aren’t as flexible and/or to struggle with saddle sores tend to prefer a more rounded saddle. We suggest you start with no wedges, and ride for at least 50 miles while making small adjustments. Only add them if you run into a specific problem after 50+ miles of riding and adjusting.

To install, simply remove the surfaces be removing the 4 adjustment bolts, line up the tabs on the wedges/frame, and then push forward and to snap them together.  Then reinstall the surfaces and snug the 4 adjustment bolts. Don't forget to reinstall the grip washers in the front between the surface and the wedge.

The wedge kit will come with longer adjustment bolts to accommodate the difference in height with the wedges installed:

  • 2 - 22mm adjustment bolts
  • 4 - 20mm adjustment bolts
  • 4 - 18mm adjustment bolts

The longer bolts should only be used with the wedge kit. Using longer bolts without the wedges could result in damage to the saddle.

Hardware configuration per model below:

Sprint / Stealth / SRT 2.0 Bonneville
Flat Wedge - 22mm rear, 18mm front
Round Wedge - 18mm rear, 18mm front
Standard (out of the box) - 16mm rear, 12mm front

SRT 1.0 / Hurricane / Pro / Saint / Pro
Flat Wedge - 22mm rear, 20mm front
Round Wedge - 20mm rear, 20mm front
Standard (out of the box) - 16mm rear, 14mm front

    Features & Benefits


    • Pain free rides
    • Our saddles eliminates pain, numbness, discomfort, saddle sores, and genital injury
    • Helps you ride further faster


    • BiSaddle is the world’s only adjustable shape saddle. (PATENTED)
    • The split-saddle design can change its width, angle, and profile to fit your unique body.
    • If your riding style or body shape changes, you can simply re-adjust for ultimate comfort.
    •  All components are replaceable making it the last saddle you'll ever need to buy.
    How to Choose Your Frame?

    Cyclist Weight Limits:

    • Chromoly Frame: 280 lbs.
    • Titanium Frame: 240 lbs.   
    • Carbon Fiber Frame: 210 lbs.

    The Carbon Rails are not meant for MTB and Gravel. It is best for Tri and Road. It is super light and has a rider weight limit of 210 pounds.

    The BiSaddle Chromoly and Titanium rails are round and will fit all seat posts including side clamp, top clamp and stationary bikes (Peloton). The BiSaddle carbon fiber frame has oval rails and will only fit top clamp seat posts or posts specifically made for oval rails.

    90-Day Money Back Guarantee

    We offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all saddles purchased directly from BiSaddle.

    We recommend riding your BiSaddle for a minimum of 30 miles before considering returning it. If after 30 miles you are still not quite as comfortable as you desire please contact us at (435) 673-0777 to troubleshoot your experience.

    See Returns page for more detailed and refund information.

    Free Shipping

    With all purchases over $99.

    Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime materials and workmanship warranty on the chassis.

    • lifetime warranty on the base frame against manufacturer defects
    • 1 year warranty on the surface padding
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    Why Bisaddle?
    Hear what our Customers have to say...

    11,312 Miles

    James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy, rode our saddle 11,312 miles in 101 days setting a world record without getting any saddle sores. #IronCowboyTested

    Bisaddle Difference

    "Most athletes think it's normal to feel uncomfortable on their saddle. They exchange comfort for a lighter saddle. Now I enjoy my rides more and don't miss training days due to saddle sores."

    - Ellie Salthouse
    Ironman Champion

    • 😣 Pain

      “Usually the pain begins after 3 miles, and boy do I hate bumps of any kind!”

      Pain can be experienced when body weight is supported by the soft tissue between your sit bones.

    • 😟 Numbness

      “After 10-15 miles, I would develop numbness”

      Bike saddles can cause men and women to put pressure on the perineum, which is the area located between the external genitals and the anus. This pressure causes arteries and nerves to compress, resulting in reduced blood flow and sensation to your genitals.

    • 😰 Discomfort

      “I have tried an exhausting number of bicycle seats and haven’t found a comfortable saddle”

      Saddle padding shouldn’t be excessively thick or soft. This causes the padding to squish down under the sit bones – and pushes up in the middle – adding pressure and discomfort where you don’t want it.

    • 😬 Saddle Sores

      “I had trouble with numbness and saddle sores while in aero position” 

      When you ride in the drops or in aero position your pelvis tilts forward (three degrees more for women then men), which can take pressure off the sit bones and can re-distribute it on soft tissue area causing sores and numbness.

    • 😱 E.D.

      “I was holding back on extra and long distance rides because I was worried about “ED” 

      “There are only two kinds of male cyclists – those who are impotent and those who will be impotent.” – Dr. Irwin Goldstein

    • 🫤 Soft Tissue Damage

      “I was miserable on my saddle and developed certain “female” issues” 

      A recent article indicated that 30% of the professional female riders the author knew, required genital surgery from damage due to saddle pressure.

    Which Saddle is Best for You?

    Take our 4 question survey and get paired with the saddle best for you.

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    Does BiSaddle fit Women?

    Women have found BiSaddle to provide comfort when no other saddle could. Click Here for reviews from women.

    Does BiSaddle fit Men?

    Men have used BiSaddle to increase blood flow and reduce numbness. Click Here for reviews from men. 

    How wide or narrow is a BiSaddle?

    The rear adjusts from 132mm to 185mm. The front adjusts from 40mm to 75mm.

    How do I adjust a BiSaddle?

    Simply loosen the 4 bolts on the underside of BiSaddle and slide the rear and front to your desired width, then retighten bolts.

    How do I know it will work for me?

    Not only can you adjust the width of BiSaddle, but you can also adjust how round or flat each side is. This provides every adjustment needed to get a perfect fit.

    We offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you can't get it to work for you.

    How about MTB, Tri, Road etc?

    Cyclists from all backgrounds can enjoy adjusting BiSaddle to provide a fit that reduces rubbing, saddle sores and numbness.

    How does it effect blood flow?

    Pressure mapping has shown BiSaddle to relieve pressure and increase blood flow in all riding positions.

    Will BiSaddle fit my bike?

    The BiSaddle Chromoly and Titanium rails are round and will fit all seat posts including side clamp, top clamp and stationary bikes (Peloton). The BiSaddle carbon fiber frame has oval rails and will only fit top clamp seat posts or posts specifically made for oval rails.