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Wedge Kit 2
Wedge Kit 2
Wedge Kit 2
Wedge Kit 2
$ 29.95

Custom Fit with the BiSaddle Wedge Kit

Only compatible with new updated frame (see pictures)

The wedges are designed to be installed between the base of the saddle and the two saddle surface pads to change the shape across the saddle top. Making it either more flat, or more rounded.

There are no absolute rules that dictate who should use wedges. In general people with good flexibility and forward hip rotation tend to prefer a flatter saddle. People who aren’t as flexible and/or to struggle with saddle sores tend to prefer a more rounded saddle. We suggest you start with no wedges, and ride for at least 50 miles while making small adjustments. Only add them if you run into a specific problem after 50+ miles of riding and adjusting.

To install, simply remove the surfaces be removing the 4 adjustment bolts, line up the tabs on the wedges/frame, and then push forward and to snap them together.  Then reinstall the surfaces and snug the 4 adjustment bolts. Don't forget to reinstall the grip washers in the front between the surface and the wedge.

The wedge kit will come with longer adjustment bolts to accommodate the difference in height with the wedges installed:

  • 2 - 22mm adjustment bolts
  • 4 - 20mm adjustment bolts
  • 4 - 18mm adjustment bolts

The longer bolts should only be used with the wedge kit. Using longer bolts without the wedges could result in damage to the saddle.

Hardware configuration per model below:

Sprint / Stealth / SRT 2.0 Bonneville
Flat Wedge - 22mm rear, 18mm front
Round Wedge - 18mm rear, 18mm front
Standard (out of the box) - 16mm rear, 12mm front

SRT 1.0 / Hurricane / Saint
Flat Wedge - 22mm rear, 20mm front
Round Wedge - 20mm rear, 20mm front
Standard (out of the box) - 16mm rear, 14mm front

    Size Chart

    Trying to determine the best bike size for you?
    4’10” - 5’1”
    148 - 155
    5’2” - 5’5”
    158 - 165
    4’5” - 5’10”
    165 - 178
    5’10” - 6’1”
    178 - 185
    6’1” - 6’4”
    185 - 193