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  • Christina Ekonomi

    Location: California, USA Cycling Discipline: Triathlon Saddle: SRT Why christina Rides BiSaddle More Athletes More and more athl...
  • BiSaddle Review: The Only Adjustable Shape Bike Saddle to Fit You

    This week we have an epic review from Sophie who has been completing the BiSaddle review: The only adjustable shape bike saddle. It has been a grueling test with an epic product that really breaks new ground in bike saddles. Hear how Sophie got on with the review, essential reading for all female and male cyclists.
  • Christine Warren

    Location: Texas, USA Cycling Discipline: Triathlon Saddle: SRT Known For: 2019 Ironman All-World Athlete, 2019 USAT All-American Why ...
  • Christie Tracy

    2017 Masters TT US National Champion; 2017 12 Hr TT World & US National Champion; 2017 TX State W1/2 & W35-44 RR Champion.
  • Bike Saddles And Female Anatomy

    Chafing, posterior pain, vulva or soft tissue pressure and genital discomfort – yes, they happen to female cyclists too. Learn what to do to prevent these common problems.