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I experienced immediate results from riding this new design

Jan 14, 2014

The BiSaddle has worked extremely well for me as a road race saddle. I have had a number of physical difficulties using any other type of saddle for the last few years. I have tried an exhausting number of non-traditional bicycle seats and have not found any other saddle that has the same comfort as the BiSaddle. In addition, I have been competing in road races and criteriums using the BiSaddle and I have been very pleased with its overall performance. Cycling is more than just a sport for me. I really felt a great sense of relief when I experienced immediate results from riding this new design. Getting me off my soft area by separating the two sections as far as they will go allows me comfort and prolonged desire to continue this great form of exercise and transportation. If you have ever had really bad pain from riding you can understand exactly what I mean. I am extremely grateful for having the BiSaddle. 

Jen S. – Florida