Saved My Ass

Saved My Ass

Installed my BiSaddle in April, and now I know that I can’t go back. It makes me wonder why the common bike seat evolved in the direction it did.

I think I accomplished about 95% of the adjustment in three increments in the first 100 miles. Now I only feel the need to change it every 50 or so. I’m beginning to think that my own geometry might not be symetric; my seat’s turned about two degrees out of the plane of the frame. I thought the shims were for rare cases, maybe that’s me. Shimmed or not, it’s a great product. Saved my ass, so to speak.


JP – Portland, OR

PS: I had a big laugh reading The Oregonian article on bike fit last Wednesday. The sports medicine guy says he watches the pro’s, and they handle the numbness problem by moving from side to side and standing up every few minutes. Haha! Turns out the symptoms are their own cure! (Thanks Doc, I’m already doing that. Be sure to send me your bill for this insight. Glad to have the medical community looking out for us like that. )

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