Saddle Sores and How BiSaddle Can Help

Saddle Sores and How BiSaddle Can Help

Saddle sores are a common and painful issue many cyclists face, often causing discomfort while riding. Saddle sores can cause performance to decline and significantly impact riding comfort, especially for extended periods. Solutions like BiSaddle have emerged to address the problem in recent years. Discover how BiSaddle's adjustable design and unique features can alleviate saddle sore issues and improve your cycling experience. 

What Are Saddle Sores?

Saddle Sores are painful lesions that form on parts of the body that come in contact with the bike seat while riding. The friction between the saddle, your body, and the material of your clothing can cause these sores to appear, causing discomfort when riding. There are multiple types of saddle sores, and the type determines the severity of the sores. Symptoms can range from mild irritation to painful open wounds. Causes can vary from friction and pressure to bacterial infections called folliculitis. Be aware of the types of sores, such as subtle abrasions, boils, or cysts. Being mindful of your attire and your equipment can help prevent saddle sores.


Importance of a Comfortable Saddle

A comfortable seat is essential in preventing saddle sores. Traditional bike seats often lack proper ergonomics and fail to distribute weight evenly, leading to pressure points and irritating friction. Pressure points are areas where your sit bones receive the majority of your body weight and associated pressure causing soreness in the area. It's imperative to prioritize finding a saddle that suits your anatomy and riding to minimize the risk of developing painful sores. 

BiSaddle Can Help

BiSaddle has worked to develop a solution to problems associated with traditional bike saddles. The unique, adjustable design incorporates features that cater to individual riders' anatomy and needs. BiSaddle allows you to customize every aspect of your seat to achieve a perfect fit, from the width, shape, and pressure distribution. By minimizing pressure on sensitive areas and providing optimal support, BiSaddle reduces the risk of developing saddle sores and improves overall comfort while training or on extended rides. 

Benefits of BiSaddle: 

The advantages of BiSaddle extend beyond comfort. By addressing the root cause of saddle sores, it offers cyclists countless benefits: 

  1. Increased Comfort and Reduced Pressure Points: BiSaddle's adjustable features ensure optimal fit, reducing pressure on sensitive areas and minimizing friction. 

  1. Long-term Prevention of Saddle Sores: BiSaddle's ability to minimize friction helps prevent saddle sores from developing, allowing cyclists to enjoy rides without discomfort. 

  1. Customizable Fit for All Riders: With BiSaddles adjustable features, each rider can find their desired width and shape to allow for their ideal position to accommodate their anatomy and riding style.

  1. Improved Performance and Endurance: By providing a more comfortable and supportive ride, BiSaddle enables cyclists to focus on their performance, leading to better endurance and efficiency. 

Tips and Recommendations

BiSaddle offers enhanced comfort, reduced pressure points, improved performance, and long-term prevention of saddle sores by providing a customizable and supportive bike seat. To increase the benefits of BiSaddle, it's important to ensure proper installation and adjustment. If you need help determining which saddle will suit your riding style, check out our Saddle Selector. You can also use our instructions to measure your sit bones to determine the proper adjustments for your saddle. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enjoyable, pain-free rides. Visit our website to get started with your own unique BiSaddle. 

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