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Finally Found The Right Saddle!

I have about five different saddles that I just could not get to work for me. Most recently I tried a Fizik and a Cobb Plus without success. The problem I had was not numbness, but the soft tissue that I sat on was always sore. No adjustment on any saddle I tried was able to prevent the problem.

I bought the BiSaddle a little timidly due to the price, but I have to say all the things the mfg says about the saddle are true. It is infinitely adjustable, and I have finally been able to get comfortable riding any distance.

I rode the saddle for about 30 miles just the way it came from BiSaddle. I adjusted it several times after that initial ride, and now after about 150 miles of riding, I think I have it where I need it. The web site has a very helpful video that really helps with adjustments. I even downloaded a level app to my phone to help with setting the forward pitch.

What I found was that even though I ride upright, I set the saddle with about a .5 degree pitch forward. I also had to lower the saddle post because the BiSaddle sits higher than my older saddles and I found myself leaning too far forward putting too much weight on my hands/wrists/bars. The saddle comes with vinyl covers over the gel pads, and I tried riding on the vinyl. I found the fabric covers allowed me to move around on the saddle, however. Finally, the seat pads that came with the saddle were just a bit too firm for me, and when I called, they were able to make a softer set and get them to me quickly.

The bottom line is I finally sit up on my sit-bones comfortably with absolutely no pressure on the soft tissue. I have friends who ride a great deal who have permanent nerve damage in the soft tissue they sit on. I have recommended the saddle to them and would recommend this saddle to anyone who is concerned about avoiding problems that many riders experience.

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