Must-Have Essentials for a Comfortable Ride

Must-Have Essentials for a Comfortable Ride

Are you experiencing discomfort related to saddle sores, numbness, or lack of support? Comfort while cycling, especially during extended rides, is essential for maintaining consistent training and preventing injury. It’s important to be equipped with your favorite accessories to enjoy your cycling experience. Adjusting your bike seat and refining your position and other factors can significantly improve your riding experience. At BiSaddle, we believe there are some must-have items to consider whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the discipline. 

The Perfect Bike Seat Fit

Because your bike seat is where the majority of your body weight will be resting, your bike seat is a key component in your riding experience. Many injuries can occur due to an ill-fitting bike seat, such as saddle sores, chafing, and numbness. BiSaddle’s adjustable bike seats allow you to change elements of your seat to fit perfectly to your anatomy with a series of adjustment points. You can adjust each component to your preferred position for added support and body shape. When selecting a bike seat, take the time to address your particular pain areas, and determine which seat would be best suited for your riding style and comfortability requirements. Take our Saddle Selector Quiz to get started. 

Padded Shorts

Heavy or loose materials typically increase the risk of chafing on the inner thighs or other areas. Padded shorts are a great option to combat friction and increase cushioning. Many bike saddles lack appropriate cushioning affecting your sit bones. There are many clothing options available from basic shorts to bib-style shorts; some with inner thigh and crotch padding, others with heavy padding on your sit bones. Consider these ones from Zoot. Investing in light, breathable clothing with increased padding for cycling will be a ride-saver in the long run. 

Ergonomic Handlebars

Handlebars play a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable riding position and controlling your bike. There are various types of handlebars available, each with its own benefits: 

Flat bars: These are popular in mountain biking and urban cycling and offer a more relaxed and upright position ensuring better visibility and reducing strain on your back. 

Drop Bars: These are commonly found on road bikes. They allow for multiple hand positions and aerodynamic riding, making them ideal for longer rides and speed enthusiasts. 

Cruiser Bars: These are characterized by their swept-back design and provide a relaxed and laid-back riding posture, perfect for casual or leisure rides. 

To maximize your comfort, it’s important to adjust the handlebar height and reach. Finding the right balance ensures proper weight distribution and reduces strain on your neck, shoulders, and wrists. Experiment with different positions until you find your sweet spot. Invest in ergonomic handlebars that align with your riding preferences and discipline, and you’ll experience a world of difference in your riding. 

Proper Footwear

Proper footwear serves as the foundation of support and power transfer between you and your bike. Wearing the right cycling shoes can make a huge difference in terms of comfort, efficiency, and overall performance. Cycling shoes are designed specifically for biking, with stiff soles to minimize energy loss by efficiently transferring power from your legs to the pedals. Your feet should feel snug and have little movement while strapped in the shoe. It’s important to select the appropriate style of footwear for your riding style, personal preference, and the type of terrain you’ll be cycling on. Investing in cycling shoes that fit well and provide support and power transfer can significantly enhance your riding comfort and efficiency. 


A comfortable ride begins with essentials such as an adjustable bike seat, appropriate clothing, proper handlebars, and well-fitting footwear. Take into consideration your current pain points, especially if you are experiencing saddle sores, numbness, or little support. You can address these things by measuring your sit bones and opting for an adjustable seat or trying a new set of handlebars. There are so many products available for a comfortable riding experience. You can start your journey with proper support and efficiency with an adjustable saddle, like our BiSaddle EXT Stealth. Learn more about our adjustable saddle models or take our Saddle Selector Quiz to get started.
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