Why Finding the Right Bike Saddle is Important

Virtually anyone that has sat on a bike has found one common problem. After sitting on their bike for a while, they notice that their rear end starts to hurt, become numb, or worse! As a matter of fact, many bikers accept this philosophically as "part of the biking experience" but this simply doesn't need to be the case. By doing learning a few key pieces of knowledge, you can ride more comfortably and longer than ever before. This guide isn't here to show you all the different saddles out there, rather, it's here to show you a new and helpful option, the BiSaddle adjustable seat.

What "A Good Saddle" Means

Essentially, a good bike saddle is one that fits you. This means that when you sit down your sit bones are supported, you are able to sit firmly, and you are comfortable long term. By selecting a good saddle your rides become more enjoyable, both during and after. A bad saddle, in contrast, can cause a myriad of problems.

Benefits of a good saddle:

  • Increased ride time

  • Less post ride issues

  • Improved overall comfort

Adjustable Bike Saddle

Think about it, every person is built differently. Because of this, we all purchase things that fit us, clothing, shoes, you name it. Bike saddles are no different. The BiSaddle adjustable bike seat is geared towards helping you find the most comfortable sit position possible. Not only does this provide you with improved comfort, but it helps protect your wallet as well. By using a Bisaddle, you ensure that you're riding a saddle adjusted to your body specifically. Effectively, you remove the guess work out of bike saddles.


Follow our simple guide to find the scientifically pinpointed position that your saddle should sit. All it takes is a couple of measurements. Find your sit bones, measure the distance between them, then adjust your saddle to the position that fits you. That is the beauty of the Bisaddle. With a single purchase, you can rest easy knowing that this saddle is going to fit you perfectly. Honestly, it is surprising that more saddles don't do this!

"Riding the bike after the first adjustments to the saddle felt odd. It felt like a lot of saddle was missing but nevertheless I was still attached to the bike. It is like my spine is attached to the bike and my legs are totally free to work the pedals. At first I missed the horn, but as I found my new attachment to the bike, I have come to love the new feeling. On long rides my butt gets tired and eventually sore, but sharp pains and numbness are nonexistent. As I travel about, men stop me and ask me about the saddle and I now carry some pamphlets in my bags to distribute."


~ Patrick

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