Man riding bike along waterside

A Significant Upgrade


Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of saddles: razor-thin racing seats, huge squishy cruiser seats, hard-as-a-rock leather seats, gel-infused seats … not one of them has been comfortable. I came to accept the notion that butt pain was an unfortunate part of bicycling, along with having to wear padded Lycra shorts.

Until I found BiSaddle.

With low expectations, I ordered an Original BiSaddle quite a few years ago. I took it for an hour-long ride, stopping along the way to make adjustments — and I’ve never looked back. I ride for hours without pain, I don’t miss the “horn” of a conventional saddle, and I don’t even need to wear those padded shorts to be comfortable!

Now I’ve got BiSaddles on all four of my bikes, and I consider them to be the most significant component upgrade I have made. Thanks for making a great product.



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