The Original BiSaddle
The Original BiSaddleThe Original BiSaddleThe Original BiSaddleThe Original BiSaddleThe Original BiSaddleThe Original BiSaddleThe Original BiSaddleThe Original BiSaddle
$ 229.95


Revolutionary Bicycle Saddle Prevents Pain, Numbness & Erectile Dysfunction Commonly Associated With Traditional Bicycle Seats!

  • No pressure on soft tissue perineum … which means no feelings of numbness in your genitals EVER!
  • Increased comfort allows you to ride faster and farther!
  • Unique “noseless” design supports “sit bones” & boosts performance by promoting greater blood flow to the legs!


  • Adjustable Aluminum frame, medium-duty 250 lbs max weight
  • Weight: 750 grams
  • Seat cover
  • Fit Guide and Instructions
  • Allen wrench


Get ready to experience the best rides of your life.

Your riding adventures are about to change forever… for the better.

Within hours of experiencing the no-pressure comfort of your radical, ground-breaking Bi-Saddle, you’ll wonder how you ever rode anywhere without it. Your rear end and precious body parts (the ones that so much of your off-road pleasure comes from) are going to thank you for the relief you’re offering them:

  • No more being hammered between your legs by the saddle nose every time you ride
  • No more crushing of fragile veins, blood vessels, and soft tissues
  • No more fatigued legs from insufficient blood flow

Now your entire body will enjoy the benefits of exhilarating aerobic exercise. On the Bi-Saddle you’ll be able to travel farther and go faster without assigning combat duty to your leg muscles.

So get ready to adjust your saddle to fit your unique undercarriage dimensions; then get in the game in ways you simply will not believe until you’re there.

Things are about to change: on your bike, in your bed, and just about everywhere else.