James Lawrence - Conquer 100 (&1)

Starting March 1st, 2021, James Lawrence set out to shatter expectations of human limits. His goal: Every day for 100 days straight, he would swim, bike, and run a full-distance triathlon. What's more remarkable is that he did not only achieve his goal, but he pushed past it, completing 101 full triathlons. Through day-by-day endurance, James set the new world record for the most consecutive full-distance triathlons. To help put his achievement in perspective, James swam, biked, and ran 14200.6 accumulative miles by the end of the event! For exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures from the journey, continue reading below. 


2.4 Miles of swimming coming out to a total of 242.2 Miles swam over 101 Days! That is 3902.64 laps in an Olympic-sized pool!


11312 miles of biking. The Tour de Franc is just over 2,000 miles, meaning James could have completed it just over five times!


At 2646.2 total miles of running, you could go from coast to coast! James could have crossed the nation on running alone!

"Create your own lane"

~ James Lawrence

Why Ride BiSaddle?

Eleven. Thousand. Plus. Miles. Need we say more? Many cyclists experience pain after just a few miles; imagine the potential pain of doing 120 miles... EVERY DAY! With a saddle adjusted to fit James Lawrence, he was able to mark saddle sores off his list of problems. Because James was attempting 100 days straight (though he achieved 101), his saddle needed comfortable.

If you're interested in learning more about the saddle that James Lawrence used, click the button below, or scroll down to the next section. Throughout the Conquer 100 event, James rode on the SRT 2.0 Bonneville with cutout on the titanium rails.

"Motion creates emotion."

~ James Lawrence

James Lawrence's Saddle:

"There is always a solution for every problem."

~ James Lawrence

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Behind the Scenes Images

As with most journeys, much of the hard work that happens goes unseen. Both day and night, James Lawrence worked to dig deep and reach his goal. This gallery shows many of the images captured throughout the event.

More about Conquer 100

The Conquer 100 event was no small task. Want to learn more? The button below will take you to a blog full of information, links, and more. Likewise, there is a link to the official Conquer 100 site.

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