Conquer 100 Behind the Scenes

James Lawrence blowing in hands
James Lawrence surrounded by pool fog
James Lawrence looking at watch in pool
James Lawrence drinking from bottle while in pool
James Lawrence and other man on bike
Man on bike
James lawrence on bike
James lawrence biking down road
James lawrence biking with mountains in background
James Lawrence biking
Group biking
Two bikers
biking with field in background
small group biking towards mountainscape
James Lawrence sitting on Bisaddle
SMall group of bikers
James lawrence at front door on bike
James in running jacket
James on the ground
James on recovery table
Small group of bikers
small biking group
biking in rain jacket profile
James lawrence sticking tounge out at camera
James Lawrences bike
Fezzari bike
James lawrence in pool
James swimming
Foggy pool with small crowd
Small group by foggy pool
James lawrence wrapped up in towel
James grabbing bike handles
Full bike rack on back of an SUV
bikers in front of mountainscape
James Lawrence biking in front of mountainscape
James at back of SUV
Man eating lunch
bikers with mountains in the background
James walking with kid
James using small massager on chest
James on recovery table
James in living room on recovery table
Closeup of james on recovery table
James peeking over pool edge