Small Adjustments = BIG COMFORT

You can choose a pre-built BiSaddle below or use the BiSaddle builder to custom build your rails, surface padding, accent color and combo kit.

Wedge Kit 2
$ 29.95
Rear Bracket/Transition Mount 2
$ 24.95

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BiSaddle Reviews

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Why Is Your Old Saddle Causing You So Much Pain?

Traditional saddles were made to fit a single cyclist and chances are that cyclist is not you. Many cyclists struggle with hot spots, saddle sores and numbness in their genitals and general discomfort caused by an improperly fitting saddle. Riding a traditional saddle is like wearing shoes that are two sizes too small or pants that are too tight. If your sit bones are not properly supported or if your soft tissue is supporting your weight, then it is only a matter of time until you experience discomfort that can cause long term damage and destroy your ability to enjoy cycling.

Why Will You Fall In Love With A Custom Fit BiSaddle?

BiSaddle has an adjustable width and profile. This means you can custom fit your BiSaddle to perfectly fit your body shape and riding style. Even if you ride Road, Tri, Gravel and MTB you can tune BiSaddle to support your sit bones and remove pressure from soft tissue. This means you will finally be able to forget about your saddle and begin focusing on training harder, riding faster and having a whole lot more fun.

Check out which saddle our athletes ride below. Click the play button to watch their experience video.

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BiSaddle Bike Saddle Comparison Guide

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